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America's Strongest Man
Dimitar Savatinov Wins 2015 America's Strongest Man
What I Learned from Weighing My Food for 4 Months
What’s the Difference Between Grass-Fed Whey Vs. Regular Whey?
Fish oil or snake oil? 

Curcumin boosts DHA in the brain: Implications for prevention of anxiety disorders 

The gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability in mice 

Use of light-emitting eReaders negatively affects sleep and circadian timing  

Of mice and guts (and exercise performance) 

Artificial Sweeteners and glucose intolerance 

Dopamine Receptor Correlation Patterns in Obesity 

Collagen Supplementation and Arthritis 

Do sugar substitutes lead to weight loss? The skinny on artificial sweeteners. 
Leptin reverses declines in satiation in weight-reduced obese humans. 

A Sports Drink Based on Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin Generates Gastrointestinal Disorders in Untrained Men during Bicycle Exercise 

Highly Branched chain cyclic Dextrin: Mouse vs Man 

Reversal of Muscle insulin resistance by weight reduction in young, lean, insulin-resistant offspring of parents with type 2 diabetes 

Effects of two energy-restricted diets differing in the carbohydrate/protein ratio on weight loss and oxidative changes of obese men 

Effects Of Supplemental Carbohydrate Ingestion During Superimposed Electromyostimulation Exercise In Elite Weightlifters 

Dissection of a scientific study 
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